Saturday, June 30, 2012

OSHA Fall Protection Fines On New Jersey Project Proposed At $463,350.

Following up on OSHA’s fall prevention campaign, developed in conjunction with NIOSH and its National Research Agenda program, and intended to reduce the 250 fall related construction worker deaths and 10,000 fall related injuries in 2010, OSHA is cracking down on construction sites where construction companies fail or refuse to implement fall protection for tradespeople and laborers. This month the agency issued fall protection citations with proposed fines of nearly half a million dollars against four companies involved in a Jersey City, New Jersey project located at 837 Jersey Avenue.

The OSHA citations were issued based on a site inspection December 7, 2011 in which OSHA inspectors discovered workers on the fourth floor of the 20 story project working without fall protection. Concrete subcontractors Altura Concrete, for the foundation, and Nathill Corp., for the superstructure, face proposed fines totaling $355,000.00 for working with open sides and edges on six levels of the project, working around open holes, and other violations. General contractor White Diamond Properties faces proposed fines of $95,400.00 for willful fall protection violations, failing to have shoring drawings on site, and other violations.

The balance of the proposed fines were assessed against masonry subcontractor Blade Contracting for failing to provide fall protection, improper scaffolding use, and scaffolding inspection failures. OSHA is on the warpath, so have your workers tie off every day.

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