Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Jersey Legislature Bans All Fracking Waste

Mindful of a court ruling in 1978 striking down a law they passed banning waste disposal from other states, New Jersey legislators this week passed a new law banning all disposal of fracking wastewater within its borders, even if the waste water is produced within New Jersey. The new law is aimed at prohibiting shipment of 1.3 billion gallons of fracking waste water already generated in neighboring Pennsylvania from being shipped into New Jersey for deep well injection.

New Jersey environmentalists praised the law prohibiting deep well injection of fracking waste, which they contend contains petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals and radioactive materials, into the rock formations beneath their state’s soil. Opponents of the new law say it still violates the 1978 interstate commerce clause ruling. New Jersey Chris Christie last year refused to sign a law banning fracking within New Jersey’s borders, opting instead for a one year moratorium on the oil drilling practice. The newly passed fracking waste ban now awaits either his signature or his veto pen.

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