Saturday, June 16, 2012

Congressional Inaction Kills Pennsylvania Wind Power Project

Spanish wind power developer Gamesa, Inc., citing uncertain federal wind power subsidies, has announced cancellation of a proposed 22,000 acre, 60 megawatt 30 turbine wind farm on Shaffer Mountain near Central City, Pennsylvania. Gamesa had been pushing forward with development of the proposed wind farm, even in the face of environmental opposition from a threatened lawsuit challenging U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service approval of the project, based on the alleged impact of the turbines on populations of an endangered species of Indiana bats which migrate through the area.

Congressional inaction on reauthorization of tax credits for wind power development is costing jobs in both the manufacturing and construction sectors of our economy, and the job losses in the renewable power sector will continue until Congress acts. The failure of our political leaders to even take up legislative measures on this important issue reflects poorly on both political parties.
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