Saturday, June 30, 2012

Orlando VA Hospital General Contractor Faces Termination

Following Congressional hearings on the over budget, behind schedule Orlando VA Hospital, at which VA officials testified that they were “working collaboratively with the contractor” on delays and cost overruns the Veterans Administration has now issued a demand to general contractor Brasfield & Gorrie to provide a new work plan or face termination. House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller says the cure notice contradicts that testimony.

Brasfield & Gorrie has now submitted a revised work plan, and awaits VA’s response. The 1.2 million square foot, 134 bed facility was supposed to cost $260.3 million, but the VA’s design changes have pushed that number up to at least $298.5 million, and construction is about a year behind schedule. VA wants construction accelerated for completion by next summer. Brasfield & Gorrie says it is still getting new design changes from the agency.

Chairman Miller’s statement on the cure notice reflects Congressional frustration with everyone working on the Orlando VA project. “Pointing fingers and laying blame will not build the medical center. I expect answers immediately from the VA on the status and cost of this project.”

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