Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Illegal Immigrant Foreman’s Meth Lab Raises Public Contracting Issues In Ohio

Police discovery that an out of state subcontractor’s carpentry foreman on a Kent, Ohio student housing complex construction project was operating a meth lab in his motel room led to discovery that 23 of the 25 construction workers in the foreman’s crew were illegal immigrants. Although building inspectors said the work on the project was up to code, the subcontractor was remoived from the project, the foreman was jailed, and the 23 undocumented crew members were detained for deportation.

Citing a need to “keep the jobs local,” Laborers Union Local 894 spokesman Bill Orr pointed out that, though the project was a private development,  use of minimum wage labor by the subcontractors, rather than union workers, could cost the City of Kent $30,000.00 of income tax revenues each year the job was staffed by undocumented workers. “Where’s the due diligence?” asked Kent City Councilman Robin Turner.

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