Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Connecticut Wind Farm Developer Sued For Engineering Fees

The road toward commercial scale development of alternative energy resources is always a rocky one, as West Hartford, Connecticut wind farm developer BNE Energy is learning in the course of planning for the first wind farm in Connecticut – a $24 million, six turbine, 9.6 megawatt project to be built in Colebrook. BNE is being sued by North Carolina engineering firm Zapata, Inc. for $179,465 in unpaid engineering fees for 17 months of work on the project.

In addition to the engineering fee dispute, the Colebrook project has been stalled by permitting disputes with the Army Corps of Engineers, and a contretemps with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection over the improper felling by BNE of 300 trees within the Housatonic State Forest. Despite these setbacks, BNE chairman Paul Corey remains optimistic: “The important thing is the project is going well and we’re excited about it.,” he said, refusing comment on the Zapata lawsuit.

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