Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Government Construction Local Hiring Rules Challenged

Two construction industry orgnaizations in Washington, D.C. are challenging that local government’s recently enacted requirement that contractors on public construction projects in the District hire District residents to perform 70% of labor hours, 60% of apprenticeship hours, 51% of skilled labor hours by trade and 20% of journeyman hours on public construction job sites. The Associated Builders and Contractors of Metro Washington and the D. C. Building Industry Association both contend there aren’t enough qualified construction workers residing in the District to fulfill these requirements.

Supporters of the new regulations say the contractors are at fault for failing to adequately support construction training programs in the district. Steve Lanning, director at Laborers International  Mid-Atlantic Organizing Coalition, says the contracting and subcontracting businesses “are bringing forth the legal argument, we’re bringing forth the emotional argument that the contractors that continue to profit off city contracts and taxpayer dollars don’t want to do their fair share to employ District residents.”

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