Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Record Hill In Maine Getting Wind Farm Despite Congressional Foot Dragging

Even though the timetable for Congressional action on climate change legislation keeps getting pushed further and further down the calendar, some renewable energy projects are proceeding without waiting to see what Congress has in mind for the future of fuel and power in America. Record Hill Wind, a project being built along a north to south ridge line in Roxbury, Maine, is already under construction. The project will include 22 wind turbine generators along the peak of the ridge line, optimally arranged to catch the prevailing westerly winds from Canada and New Hampshire.

The 50.6 megawatt facility will produce 130 million kilowatt hours of power annually – enough to power every household in Oxford County. Delivery and erection of the turbine generators will start next June, with the facility to be commissioned in early fall 2010.
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