Saturday, September 12, 2009

Congressional Session To Stretch Past Thanksgiving

House majority leader Steny Hoyer has announced that Congress will remain in session long past the scheduled adjournment at the end of October. He would give no fixed estimate of a realistic adjournment date, but did say the House would take Thanksgiving week off, indicating he expects the current session not to adjourn until some time in December. The calendar is crowded with a continuing resolution, action on all annual appropriations legislation, health care reform, climate change bills, and perhaps immigration law reform as well. E-verify expires September 30, and nothing has been done about reauthorizing it, though federal contractors are now supposed to use it for all their employees.

Maybe the longer session will give the politicians a little breathing room to act on some non-controversial and badly needed legislation to permit government agencies and contractors to plan their projects and budgets some distance into the future, and get our sector of the American economy going again.
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