Thursday, June 11, 2009

House Appropriations Subcommittees Gear Up

Beginning action for the regular federal spending cycle, subcommittees of the House Appropriations Committee approved some measures of potential interest to the construction industry this week, including $64.4 billion for the Justice, Commerce and Science budget, which includes another $400 million for jail construction and policed officer hiring in areas overwhelmed by illegal immigration problems. This measure passed after a 29-22 defeat of an amendment which proposed to rescind every dollar of the $625 billion stimulus appropriations which has not been spent so far.

A second appropriation measure for the Interior Department totaling $32.3 billion includes $10.75 billion for EPA clean water and drinking water projects and environmental cleanup activities, among other agency needs. This is in addition to the $10.95 billion for EPA projects in the stimulus package.

The third important measure for businesses in the Washington D.C. area is the appropriation measure providing for $3.7 billion for Congress itself, which includes down payments on a $100 million reconstruction of the U. S. Capitol Dome, and $700 million to rebuild the century old Cannon building housing legislative offices.
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