Monday, August 31, 2015

East Algonquin Road Corridor Development Study

The Village of Algonquin recently released the study report it commissioned from development consultants Gruen Gruen + Associates with recommendations for enhancing development in the area of the village along Algonquin Road east of the Fox river. The study report notes that business properties in the study area consist of 59% retail stores, 26% construction, industrial and automotive uses, and 15% medical and health related service businesses. According to the consultants, residential development in the study area has been hindered by perceived quality differences between Jacobs High School west of the Fox and Dundee-Crown High School east of the river, as well as village requirements that homes built in the area have brick on all four sides, increasing construction costs. Lower traffic and worker counts east of the Fox also contribute to restaurant vacancies and lack of grocery and food service businesses in the study area.

In order to arrest the declining business environment along Algonquin Road east of the Fox, the consultants recommend that Algonquin’s village government adopt a policy of discouraging dense residential and mixed use developments, as well as stand alone retail locations, and encourage housing development within the study area by eliminating costly façade requirements. As for business development, the study recommends reducing regulatory costs and uncertainties by making medical clinics, physical therapy facilities and MRI centers as permitted uses, rather than requiring special use permit applications for every clinical use project.

The study praises completion of the Algonquin Road congestion relief project just west of the Fox, but remarks that more work is needed in order to further reduce traffic congestion in the downtown area at the river, so as to encourage folks living west of the bridge to travel across to the east side for shopping and entertainment.

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