Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chicago Contractor Still Has "The Right Stuff"

Chicago based Walsh Construction showed over the last nine days that it still has the right stuff, despite the declining fortunes of the Chicago and Illinois construction economies. Walsh/II in One joint venture will apparently complete the complex, waterborne reconstruction of the bilevel Wells Street twin leaf bascule road and rail bridge across the Chicago River within the nine day schedule allowed, so the bridge can reopen to both auto and CTA rail traffic for tomorrow morning's rush hour commute.  With a minimum of interference to road, rail and river traffic, using twelve hour work shifts for nine straight days, the contractor has worked with the Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago's Department of Transportation to complete replacement of the bridge, last rebuilt in 1922. Wells Street, Chicago's busiest bridge, serves 12,000 cars and trucks, and 70,000 CTA bus and rail commuters every weekday.

The only other bilevel road and rail bascule bridge of its kind, crossing the Chicago River at Lake Street, was replaced in 1996, and that project took 12 months to complete. Kudos to the Chicago based Walsh brothers, Dan and Matt, for managing to complete this essential infrastructure project in 97.5% less time. Chicago's construction market supports some of the world's best!

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