Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Federal Construction Budget Tradeoffs

No matter where you may believe the federal Highway Trust Fund spending level will ultimately rest on the spectrum between the House measure’s $34.6 billion annually and the Obama administration’s $79.2 billion annually, the sad fact is that these appropriations are offset by dramatic cuts to other federal construction spending programs, to the ultimate long term continuing injury to this important sector of the American economy. Obama’s own budget proposal cuts $450 million a year from transit construction funding in Illinois alone.

HR 7 takes us “back to the dark ages,” according to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, eliminating all funding for building bike paths, bike lanes and pedestrian safety projects. With the current Highway appropriations expiring March 31, 2012, the industry is undoubtedly looking at another series of short term extensions, making government and industry planning impossible until a long term funding measure is ultimately passed through both houses.

Meanwhile, even the comparatively generous Obama budget slashes Defense Department construction spending by 20%, Corps of Engineers civil construction projects by 13%, clean water state revolving funds by 20%, drinking water state revolving funds by 8%, Veterans Administration construction by 10%, and airport improvement grants by 28%. While the heavy civil sector of the US construction economy will feel these cuts most severely, resultant price increases in construction materials and equipment, due to the loss in sales volume, will impact all construction businesses across the country. Our national elected leadership continues to fail our industry.

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