Friday, November 5, 2010

The New Republican Agenda

According to Republican Representatives heading back to Washington, D.C. after the election recess, their emphasis in Congress will be on job creation and economic recovery. Their first priority – making the Bush tax cute permanent. They expect Obama and the Democrats to cave in to this legislation. Ohio’s John Boehner, expected to be elected speaker once the lame duck Congress comes to a close, announced in a Wall Street Journal piece today that the next Speaker should take four immediate steps to restore voter confidence in the federal government: 1) no more earmarks for favorite projects in appropriations legislation; 2) no floor votes on legislation that has not been available on line to the public for at least three days; 3) no more unfocused, thousand page bills with spending priorities and policy changes buried in incomprehensible bureaucratic text; and 4) no more secret drafting of legislation in the Speaker’s office rather than through the open committee hearing process.

Call me a cynic, but I expect if Boehner is elected speaker, his adherence to these four principals will last just until the first House Bill in the new congress comes to the floor for a vote. I hope he proves me wrong.
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