Monday, October 5, 2009

Business Leaders Jumping On The Cap And Trade Bandwagon

Executives from businesses in several different sectors of the American economy are letting their senators and representatives know this week that their companies support cap and trade legislation to curtail climate change. Over 150 busniess people wi8ll swarm Capitol Hill tomorrow and Wednesday - from companies including eBay, Hwelett PAckard, Gap, and PAcific Gas & Electric - to meet with at least 35 different legislators in support of cap and trade legislation. Separately, other businesses - including United Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, and Weyerhauser - are teaming up with environmental groups - including The Nature Conservancy and Environmental Defense Action Fund - to launch a million dollar advertising campaign promoting climate change legislation in Congress.

Chicago based Exelon is participating in both efforts. Exelon CEO John Rowe explains the motivation behind these business campaigns: "Companies need the legislative certainty to start making the substantial investments needed to jump-start a low carbon economy and create jobs." Jeff Swartz, CEO and PResident of Timberland (yes, the shoes and boots) expressed a somewhat more jaded view of the legislative process: "I wish the government thing was a lot simpler - an 800 page bill! Come on, guys - 800 pages. What the hell does that mean? It means you don't really want change, It means you want to get re-elected."
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