Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chicago Area Stimulus Grants for Commuter Station Construction Announced

The Chicago area's commuter rail network, METRA, announced it is receiving $140.9 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act appropriations. While the bulk of the funds will go towards upgrading of rolling stock, the agency has allocated the following amounts for infrastructure construction: $43.6 million for bridge replacement; $5 million for restoration of the Winnetka commuter station; $1 million to add parking at the Pingree Road commuter station; $1.8 million for parking at the Elburn commuter station; $2.4 million for rehabilitation of commuter station platforms at Joliet and Lockport; $6.8 million, plus a separate additional $4.9 million from a Congressman Rush earmark, for a new commuter station at 35th street on the Rock Island line, to serve the White Sox baseball park; $7 million for signal upgrades; and $1 million for renovation of the commuter station at the Golf Road stop.
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